Friday, April 11, 2014

Wedding part three: The reception (the jupiter civic center)

 The last of the wedding photo dump, phew. This day. So many emotions. Was it all worth it, of course, would I repeat it.. sure. Don't get me wrong, I am all "the day was magical and came out perfect in the end" but it was a lot. Listen to people when they tell you it's like a whirlwind- it comes and as soon as you blink it's gone. Truly, I would definitely do it all over again. Yeah it was stressful, sure it was chaotic, and maybe I wanted to ban more people then I care to admit to a far away island (seriously), but it came out perfect. We had such an amazing support system. Our family and friends really pulled through in every single aspect of this wedding, and I will be forever grateful. We worked so hard to keep this day cost friendly, yet still be able to accomplish the vision we had, and honestly we did just that. The Jupiter Civic Center was the perfect venue for us. I'm pretty sure we couldn't have found a better spot. It had the rustic/vintage atmosphere we craved (in south florida, trust me, it's not easy to find) paired with a semi-woodsy place for our ceremony. We had the best caterer (our favorite food truck) PS561 who was awesome! If ever you wanted to add a personal touch, this is the way to do it. This is something Dj and I decided from the beginning, without any hesitation. Regardless of  anybody's beliefs of a "traditional" wedding (traditional smaditional. read: boring), we could not have chose a better option that really shared apart of us with our guests (read more on that here). So, if you're planning a wedding now or someday in the future, make sure you stay true to yourself and do what you want, because everyone will love it in the end, even if you have to put some people in check somewhere in the middle, not that I had to or anything ;) Now a ton of pictures, like literally, you've been warned. 

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Food: PS561

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  1. I am just in love with the fabulous wedding pictures. Each and every photograph has been depicting how much fun was there in this bash. Anyways, we also would be hosting the gold and white themed ceremony and are going to book the most beautiful venues in Los Angeles and would like to use the cake and some of the décor ideas.