Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding part two: The ceremony.

Let's talk about ceremonies. It's pretty awkward and lovely all at the same time. Everyone is staring at you and you feel their presence - then all of a sudden, you don't. It's like when you hit the mute button on your remote and everything falls silent; then all you can do is stare at your husband to be with a smile and adrenaline rush equivalent to that of a five year old who just received a shopping spree in their favorite toy store. It's pretty crazy. Honestly, all I did was giggle. The whole time. Literally. I had our pastor giggling because I just couldn't stop, and then it just became contagious. It was Dj's fault though, the way he was repeating the vows was so awkward and hilarious, I mean who could even be expected to keep it together. Clearly not me. Thankfully it was a quick ceremony. Then everyone stares at you more, but you stare at each other because you don't know what to do next and you would rather be the stare-er not the stare-ee. Also, it started to rain as I walked out of the building and down the isle with my dad and honestly I was not even worried about that, I was just so terrified of being the center of attention that it did not even phase me. Then something that I will never forget happened, and is one of my most cherished memories of the wedding, my grandpa who was standing at the end of the isle said to me as I was walking passed him, "Excuse me miss, but do you happen to have an umbrella?" And could anything have been better then that? Doubtful. My heart was filled with so much joy after that moment, that all I could do was smile the rest of the way and get down that isle to start the rest of my life with the other half of my soul. All of that goodness happened in fifteen minutes. Life, man.

P.S. All this week I am going to be sharing the rest of the wedding and our trip to PORTLAND! Then next week I am starting a whole new weekly blog schedule! Hooray!


  1. How many people did you have at your wedding? Just curious because I'm thinking about having my wedding there, I just don't know if it's big enough.

    1. I had about 115 after all was said and done. But we also didn't have a dance floor. If you want to email me I'm more then happy to answer any and all questions :)!!