About me

Hi, I'm Jessica.

This is my blog. I love to make, take pictures, travel, and spend time with the people I love. I'm just finding my way through life and this blog is just along for the ride. 

Here's some fun facts:

I'm in my mid-20's but I look way younger. I'm exactly 5'0 tall. I married my high school sweetheart (+ best friend) and we've been together almost every single day for the last nine years (since tenth grade). I like to make things. I love to sew + paint. I second guess some of my comma usage. I love working with kids, and am eager to start a family of our own, like yesterday (prayers needed). I have faith in god and am so thankful for this life. I struggled with anxiety a few years back and sometimes have a few run ins with it, but I'm well equipped now (so like, if you need anything, totally email me) I love to travel; I'm ready to go anywhere on a whim. I live in South Florida and somedays I just want to pack up and never turn back; it's a love hate relationship we've got going on. I love finding vintage treasures, especially vintage children's toys/books. 

I'm really just starting off with this blog and I plan to shape it over time. But for now it's a random mash up of my life, which is also random, so you know. I'm just rolling with it. 

EMAIL: jessicajury@aol.com
INSTAGRAM: @lovejessicaanne_