Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A wedding of our own.

Wedding stuff is not only taking over my brian lately, but also our home. I'm trying hard to keep it to the side and blend it with the everyday things in our home, but despite my best efforts.. piles are still starting to form. Which is fine; it's expected. We (read: mostly me) have spent a lot of time finding vintage curiosities to complete our special day- and I wouldn't trade a spotless house for any piece I've found. Vintage teacups, plates, cloches, books, board games, etc. are everywhere. As crazy as the clutter is making me, I'm excited and proud. Excited to decorate this wedding, and proud of all the amazing treasures I've found to accomplish that.

This wedding is going to be very much all about us, and selfish or not, that is what we fully intended. We want to bring back the meaning of a wedding. We want to really be able to share this day very intimately with the people who are truly special to us, we want to focus on being together with all of them on our big day, and we want this wedding to reflect our heart and soul, because that's what we put into not only this wedding, but into our relationship everyday. It's going to be a gathering, a reunion, a celebration of our love and the love we have for everyone special to us. In a time where a wedding has become more of a guest pleasing, beverage focused, boogie down affair; we're breaking the "traditional" rules. Mostly in which, we plan on not doing anything traditional. We will have music but not a dj, we will have a gourmet food truck instead of a "traditional" caterer, and in our invitations we had an FYI card to let everyone know to expect the unexpected. I know this is getting a little deep, but I just wanted to share that it is not only okay to make your wedding about you and stand up for what you want, but it's also okay to not follow any specific tradition and make your own. Because in the end everyone will love it, whether you make your own invitations or you spend five hundred dollars, whether you serve gourmet hot dogs or chicken / fish, whether you have a dance floor or background music playing from your favorite bands, whether you have a time for board games and inter-mingling or you have a first dance, and whether you wear glittery flats or three inch heels. It is your day, make sure that's what it reflects. We're doing our own thing and we couldn't be more ecstatic.

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