Friday, January 31, 2014

Our vintage whimsical wedding [PART ONE]

We're Married! Finally. Our wedding was anything but traditional and we were so happy with the outcome. We enjoyed the company of family and friends, were tossed around and photographed a million times, ate a lot, and marveled at the atmosphere we created. Weddings are weird, especially if you're like us and don't enjoy being the center of attention. We could have easily decorated and slipped off into the shadows while everyone else enjoyed our creation. Is that weird? It's not that we are anti-social by any means, but we don't enjoy all eyes on us. So we giggled a lot of awkward giggles, made side eyes at each other, whispered little jokes that were only audible to our ears, and gave a lot of smiles.

We have been together for eight years, so married life is no different then engaged or dating life, but to me, that's the magic. Dj and I have always had a relationship where we were best friends who happened to be head over heels in love. We just kind of fell into the same rhythm from the beginning. Like he was always supposed to be apart of me, and me of him. It sounds totally sappy I know; like a fairy tale or something, like we're painting an illusion that no one can really figure out, but it's one hundred percent real. Scouts honor. Sure, we bicker and fight like anyone else, but we know that love prevails. We know when to throw in the white flag, we know when to send a sweet text, we know when to randomly say I love you, we just know. We never based our love off lust and our individual selves, but always off of friendship and each other as a whole. And here I am rambling, when all you want to see is pictures! Honestly, it's because I am passionate about this thing called love, and I see so many girls chasing after what they think is love, but it's not. Call me old fashioned (because rightfully so) but I can't help it. Maybe I'll have a whole rant on this subject another day. For now, the first part of wedding photo dump commence!

We either thrifted or DIY-ed everything in the wedding. I couldn't have imagined it any other way. I had a blast dreaming up this concept and marveled at it the whole day. Besides finally marrying DJ, this was definitely my most favorite part of the whole process. I'll post some more pictures of details in part two (and maybe even make a part three, or four) and also give some tips of how we did what we did! Stay tuned!

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