Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekends: Mini vacation - Englewood, FL

Oh Englewood, we meet again. Such a little piece of magic in this great big world. We do this little trip every year [see last year: 1 2] and like I said in last years post, it's always the same and different at the same time. Sadly there were no moon pictures had, but the herring makes his debut a few shots below. This year was just as good as the last. 6:30am wake up calls to walk the beach, food-like a lot of food, boat rides, frisbee, and nightly boardgames. Oh, and tons of shark teeth (see below). Dj and I basically spent hours crouched over in an awkward position sifting through countless stretches of sand + shells. It was totally worth it. There is just something about shark teeth that makes them so cool. Maybe the mystery of it all. I'm going to frame these guys and hang them in the living room, because they are just too good not to be displayed. If my back didn't get so sunburnt the first day and a half, I would totally have more, but that probably would have been pretty excessive; nah. So, let's talk about all the cute babies that were there. Seriously, it was ridiculous. I watched a little girl walk by and say goodbye to everyone she passed, whilst blowing kisses. My heart melted. Kids. I like to think that in the next few years we'll be sharing Englewood with a little peanut, but that's a conversation for a later date. Actually maybe sooner then later. So, yeah. Well, that's the short version of Englewood stays. I hope everyones memorial day was fun and relaxing. And as always, all the love and thanks to all who have sacrificed their lives for ours. And all who continue to do so. And, photodump:

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