Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Englewood: Day Two

Day two of our west coast trip consisted of more moon pictures (probably my favorite part of the whole weekend, is that weird?) a lot of morning walk pictures, lounging around, and a boat ride.
I was absolutely absorbed in the early morning hours with all the wonders around me. If it stayed like that all day, I don't think I would leave the beach (and I would have a seriously dead camera battery). Photographing this Herring was such a lucky happen upon. He was propped in between two fisherman just waiting to steal their morning catch. I have about.. a million pictures of him, he could literally have his very own blog post, but I wasn't going to overload you with herring photos (ok, I was pretty close).
Every year we venture over to Englewood, it's a trip that always just springs up on us because it's just a habit to go. The same beach house, the same beach, the same group, but it's always different. Can't wait to see what next year brings.. but I'm sure hoping it's more moon and herring pictures ;) How do you spend your memorial day weekends? Do you have any traditions?

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