Monday, April 28, 2014


This weekend was full of thrifting and hanging out with the people we love the most. Saturday was an extra extra special day for treasure hunting because we now know the gender of my bffs little one to be! I can't wait to do another shoot for the gender reveal (see this post for her pregnancy announcement)! I scored some vintage kids books for my growing collection. I love the illustrations and simple story lines of a vintage kids book. The book on manners is a real gem, and plants that never ever bloom - be still my heart. I also snagged these bright little hot pads and a fun blanket for adventures. Also, I have a confession... not pictured are some adorable baby bloomers I am slowly collecting. Yes, even if I am not pregnant, it's tempting when you're looking in the baby section and all these cute things are there. Andddd I will eventually be pregnant. So there. Excuses justified ;) Saturday treasure hunting is my favorite. I can't wait until we have an itty bitty third wheel with us!

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