Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo shoot: A baby announcement (just not mine)

When your best friend is pregnant you jump at any opportunity to take any requested pictures. I am so beyond excited that she is expecting a little bundle of joy, I can hardly contain it. When it was time to make the announcement that she as expecting, we ran out, bought the cutest baby sperrys ever, and found the closest nature preserve to take her photos. It was such a fun little photo shoot and I could not have had the pleasure of shooting anyone else but the best people ever. Lets talk real quick about pregnancy. I am terrified for it to happen to me. Like, not actually having a baby sitting in front of me, but the whole act of being pregnant and birthing it. Yep, freaks me out. I always joke that I need a surrogate. I know when the time comes, that all will be well and I'll be able to do it, but what's better then being able to watch someone so close to you do it first, right?  Expect a lot more baby spam as her due date gets closer, because duh, best friend pregnancy is the best.  

I mean, those shoes. Can you even deal!

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