Monday, May 5, 2014


Monday, why do you come so quick? Last week was a blur for us, I think we were home to just sleep, so this weekend was greatly welcomed (but equally busy). These were some fun saturday finds + a metal cart I found for our bedroom. These dinosaurs were my absolute favorite. You can tell they're old by the quality of them (clearly I'm the connoisseur of dinosaurs). They are heavy and quite large and girl or boy, will one day be for our kiddo(s). The books need no explanation because I'm just obsessed (but that wizard of oz book from the fifties, be still my heart). The mini ironing board and stapler will find a home in the craft room, along with the pretty pink sequins. Also, that mini bible, I plan to keep it with me in my purse to try and read through in some down time. Hope everyones weekend was great!

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