Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day DIY: Seed packaging and Herb doodles

Happy Earth Day! I always like a good diy to spread the word. Last year I made these cereal box flowers for my co-workers and I to wear at work. They were so fun and we actually got some questions about them, where we then got to explain the importance about recycling and saving our planet (or what really happened) just that we repurposed some cereal boxes into flowers. Either way it's always fun to do something. My method this year: kraft bags and seeds with some quick doodles + watercolor. Seed bags are so boring and really don't motivate me to want to plant some seeds - who am I kidding I'm always down to plant something, but if you're not one of those people then you may need some cute packaging motivation. It's super easy and I even made you a downloadable template (see bottom of post)  
- Download template
- I used something similar to these kraft bags
- I picked some seeds out from my local target
- Dump seeds into kraft bag
- Staple bag shut
- Glue / tape on doodle
Now hand them out to all of your friends / coworkers / random strangers and throw out some fun facts while you're at it.

Need some fun facts or want to pledge to be greener? 
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