Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cardboard flowers diy

So for Earth Day I was working, and I decided to make little cardboard flower pins for all my co-workers. Not only for the cute factor, but because I wanted people to ask about them, to be aware that day was earth day, and to know that they were made using recycled cardboard and that they should go home and make something from recycled materials as well! (one can dream right?) They were really simple to just throw together and were so fun! A great way to add a little color to any outfit! Heres how I did it:
I picked random empty cardboard boxes I had in the pantry from snacks 1. cut out different size circles 2. stacked them to make sure they fit and put some hot glue in-between each circle. 3. cut a thin strip of cardboard and rolled it up tight and then let it go, so it kind of naturally unravelled. Then I put a dab of hot glue where it is hanging open, and glued it to itself. 4. Hot glued my roll-up on top of my circle stack for the middle of the flower, and cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a leaf. 5. (not pictured) glued a little pin on the back! Ta-da recycled cardboard box flower pin. Have you recycled and repurposed anything fun and interesting lately? 

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