Thursday, May 8, 2014

TRY THIS: Mothers day diy [A reminder jar]

 I love mothers day. Even though I am not yet a mother, I really cherish my own. And it's not that I don't do nice things for my mom on the regular (because you always should for your mom), but it's nice to give some extra special gifts on this day. This year I decided to add a simple reminder to her gift. Sometimes, it seems, we don't say thank you to our moms enough. I know, shocker. We don't tell them how much they are appreciated, how grateful we are for them always being there, and sometimes they could use a little bit of inspiration. The solution: A reminder jar. It's simple. All you need is a mason jar, some paper, and a few compliments + quotes. It's a great and simple gesture for your mom to keep bedside, in her favorite nook, or on a windowsill, to be able to dig in when she needs a little pick me up (or a reminder when we're driving her crazy and she's ready to flee the country, haha, but really.)

My mom is my super hero. She is always there for me no matter what, for whatever I need her to do. She would drop everything without the beat of an eyelash to come to the rescue. I am truly grateful for her and hope to be half of what she is one day. To all the mothers out there: You are amazing. You are strong. And You make the world go round. Thank you. Today, on mothers day, everyday.

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