Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TRY THIS: Last minute easter idea

I remember waking up Easter morning and running around the house searching for where the "Easter Bunny" hid my basket. My mom would get pretty creative with her hiding places. Even though we don't have any little ones running around (yet), we still like to celebrate little traditions like hiding easter eggs around the house for each other. Don't laugh, it's actually pretty fun. This year I wanted to add in some cute notes as fillers. Of course I had to get all corny and add in some easter puns because, duh, why not. I plan to hide these all around the house and add in some of his favorite candy. It's not a huge gesture, but it's a little one, and it's the little things that can be the most meaningful. So if you can't/don't have time/don't usually celebrate easter, this is something simple and fun that can put a smile on anyones face. Also, go ahead, make up your own puns, I promise it's so fun.

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