Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A day trip: Fairchild Botanical Gardens Miami

This past sunday we decided it was time for an adventure. Adventures are my very favorite thing. I love a good day trip / weekend trip / howeverlong trip to anywhere, and almost always Dj is game. So when I heard of the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens I couldn't wait to plan a little day trip there. Miami is not too far from us, and is always fun to visit for the day. This sunday was the perfect time for us to get down there, and bonus, they were having a plant sale (!!!) I know. Our ride down there was true to south florida, rainy and overcast. Dj kept on saying, "No, its traveling west, don't worry it will pass right over." and of course I was hoping so, but was not fully convinced. But, you know that Dj, always right. I should have known. Ok, he's not always right (trust me) but, something he just knows, ya' know? and for that I am grateful. When we finally made it down there it was perfect. Like sunny and breezy and perfect. We picked up our map right at the front and we were off. 

There is a ton of things to see. We made our way through various gardens, pathways, trees, etc. Buttt.. I couldn't help being overly excited to get to the butterfly aviary, so I may or may not have made a bee line for that. It was worth it. Hundreds of butterflies fluttering their beautiful wings all over, yes please. I could have spent all of the four hours we were there in that aviary. They were everywhere, and they welcomed you with open arms, erm.. wings. So yeah, it was amazing. Also, there was a humming bird in there and it was quick. This was the only picture I snagged of him (or her, whatever.) because- other people. Sometimes those other people, ugh. Always in the way of a good picture ;) 

After Dj dragged me out of there and I left the butterfly exhibit we walked though this quaint pathway that was covered in dense vines and flowers and leaves, and it was magical. One day I will have a garden and house covered in vines and flowers and leaves, one day. At the end of this path there was a bunch of little tags, all of which had wishes written on them. It was breathtaking. All of those wishes just blowing in the wind, waiting to be granted. Reading some of them was so filling, I wanted to pluck them off and let them fly away - to come true. We wrote little wishes and read them to each other. It was a good moment. 

We finished up our day gawking at the plants and fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, etc. We even brought home a few bundles of sunflowers for a few people we love a lot. And that was that. We had a blast. It is really refreshing to spend a day with Dj, just him and I. Sometimes I feel like we are constantly going going going, and we can spend the whole day together with other people/things going on but I feel like I didn't even see him. Sometimes life is weird like that. But days like this, yes days like this. They are the best.

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