Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[E-courses] A Beautiful Mess: Mastering your DSLR

I love to learn. Especially when it comes to things I am passionate about. When the A Beautiful Mess Team posted about their new classes they created, I was ecstatic. I have already taken a few of their e-courses and they never disappoint. This one is no exception. It just started and I have already learned so much! I am going to be sharing all the pictures I am taking for the class assignments here and what I was supposed to be capturing.   

Our first assignment was about shutter speeds and motion. We had to learn to use our shutter speeds in order to freeze our subject in time and then to show a little bit of natural movement. Of course I had to pick two of the cutest helpers I know ;) Dj chased copper all around the yard to get him in play mode, and then I called out his name so he would run towards me. It was so much fun, and so funny to see the way coppers face ended up when I snapped the picture. 

I love that this class is teaching me about my camera and how to shoot totally in manual mode, but it is also getting me to take my camera out daily and take pictures I probably wouldn't normally have; like this one. Little snaps of Dj are my favorite because I think of the days when we'll look back, our kids will look back, and their kids will look back, and see a little peek into our lives now. Little peeks of who we were, what we liked, and all the love. I hope they really enjoy little snaps like this as much as I do. I plan to take more classes via ABM when they start rolling out, but for now I'm reveling in this class. 


  1. Awwwww this is so lovely! I can't wait to get started on my assignment - I have Friday off so that will be my first opportunity to take a photo in daylight hours!

    No idea what I'm going to photograph though o.O

    - Taryn Elise xx

  2. Thanks Taryn! It takes me a bit to decide what exactly I want to photograph, and then I always have too many ideas and can't choose just one! Hope your enjoying the class, I am learning a ton!