Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make: DIY Valentines arrow mobile

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays. I mean a whole holiday based on love, how fun! I wanted to add some valentines cheer to our little home, so I created this cute and simple mobile! 
supplies: scrap paper | thin wire | watercolor paper | watercolors | feathers | paper straw | gold leaf pen
1. Cut your hearts out of water color paper 2. Paint hearts and let dry 3. Cut arrow shape out of your scrap paper 4. Cut gold wire to desired lengths you would like your hearts to hang 5. Cut feathers down to size and shape desired 6. Once your hearts have dried, draw desired patterns with gold pen 7. Pinch down the very tips of both sides of your straw 8. Cut a piece of wire about two inches long, hold your feathers in place on one end of the straw and wrap wire around it (see below) 9. Staple the arrow to the opposite end of the straw (see below) 10. Cut a piece of gold wire the desired size to create the part to hang it. Wrap both ends of the wire around the very ends of the straw (wrap underneath the arrow to hide the wire on the end the arrow head is on, and wrap the other end just underneath the feathers) 11. Poke wire pieces you cut to hang the hearts at the top center of your heart. Once it is through, bend the wire up in the back creating a hook and pinch closed 12. Wrap wire around straw in pattern desired and you're done!

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