Friday, February 14, 2014

A BFF Valentine

Valentines day can be so special to share with your boyfriend/fiance/partner/husband, but what if you don't have any of the above yet? Why not share Valentines day with your BFF? I mean, duh, you both deserve a special something on a day celebrating love because you are loved. So, get off your rump and go make a special something for your favorite gal pal! And even if you have that special guy to share Valentines with, make your BFF something anyway! She'll appreciate it. Promise. 

I used three different size ball brand canning jars one | two | three | Assorted candies (in v-day colors) | fun socks from target | mini Mrs.Meyers also from target | hair ties | reusable snack pouch 

 I rolled up the socks and snack pouch, squeezed them in there with the soap and hair ties, filled my other jars with the candies and stacked them up! Easy peasy. I used washi tape to wrap around the stacked jars vertically. and then tied some ribbon on top of that! (I also used a piece of washi tape to secure the ribbon to the bottom of the bottom most jar. Now shower your BFF with Valentines love!

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