Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A bridal shower: fifties style.

 The wedding is almost here! I had to take a minute though and share my amazing bridal shower! I have the best MOH you could ask for, and she was the brains for this fifties themed shower. With the help of my bridesmaids and family, they pulled off one adorable little party!
 I had no idea of any details of the shower, just the day and time. It was so fun to be surprised with such a perfect little party and everyone who attended. We played fun games, ate a lot of food, and I opened all of my gifts, which I loved, and before I knew it - it was over. Hopefully for the wedding I'll be able to take it all in and play it in slow motion, but I'm sure it will be the same. 
Just shouting out an extra big thank you to everyone who helped out and attended. Extra big shout out to my bff and MOH. You are the best!

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