Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Project Wedding: DIY Invitations

Is it us or does it feel like the months are flying by? Our wedding is about three months away now and - it's crunch time. We are making almost everything, and our invitations were no exception. It was really fun to make these and I think it sets the tone for the overall handmade feel we plan to create. It was super simple and total cost was less then $100. If you are looking for an affordable way to send invites that show a lot of love and character, this is the way to go. Here is what I did, but the options are endless.

I designed four pages to our invites which include: the invitation, an FYI page, a response card, and a page that gives all the info. of our wedding page from Appy Couple (more on that later!). I just played around with different doodles that became the layout for each page. I made a master set of all four squares, got them copied, and did a quick watercolor wash over them (yes. e v e r y  single one of them. I adore the added detail and the finished product. It was definitely worth it). We absolutely loved the prints we ordered from origrami a while back, and we thought they would be a perfect fit for the front page of our invites (also the reason for the size of the pages I created). I wanted to add something to the instagram photo because it just seemed a little boring, so I used the A Beautiful Mess App to write one of our favorite song lyrics from the amazing Me and Mr.Cassidy (seriously check them out) on the front of them, uploaded it to origrami, and wah-la - polaroid like photos to top them off! We wrapped them in a doily and sent them off in our hand made magazine paper envelopes. We included an envelope in every invite to send the response card back in, and a gold heart to seal them up. We also added a little note, incase anyone got confused on what exactly the other envelope inside was for ;)

It was so fun to make these and something really special I hope everyone really appreciates. We are putting a lot of love and hard work into this wedding, and we couldn't be happier with how it's turning out.


  1. Cute cute!! I used an origrami print for my daughters first birthday invites. love them! All the best for your wedding plans. If the invites are anything to go by it will be gorgeous.

  2. Thanks so much Rachel! I know, origrami is amazing. So many different ways to use them, I love the idea of the birthday invites, so fun! Thanks for the sweet wishes, we are so excited about the wedding! There will definitely be a lot more sharing on here in the next few months :)