Friday, August 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday: Mount's Botanical Gardens.

Last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to the Mounts Botanical Gardens . Neither of us have ever been, but we've always heard about it. We were fortunate enough to have a lazy day this past sunday, so we randomly decided to go. And we really enjoyed it. We stayed for about a little over an hour because, well, it's Florida and it's summer. We left drenched in sweat, but we had a camera full of dreamy photos, so it was worth it. (right?) Afterwards we drove to the closest smoothie place and gulped down some well deserved summer relief. It was a nice and quiet day spent together, and we don't get to do that often. Sometimes we need lazy spontaneous days to stop and smell the roses. (ok so that was corny given the circumstances, but I couldn't resist) But really; find your closest gardens and GO! It's quiet and relaxing and magical. And if you know of any other fun sites to see in florida don't hesitate to share! We love travel and finding little places to explore!

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