Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY: Embroidery hoop watercolor mobile

There's an island in the middle of our kitchen and it's been begging for something above it, and since I've been really digging watercolors (and I've thrifted way more embroidery hoops then I know what to do with) a watercolor mobile was the perfect fix for a boring kitchen island spruce up. It was really simple and I love how unique each one came out, and it's instant gratification because it takes no time at all. Also, who knew coffee filters make perfect sun catchers when watercolored, besides most kindergardeners? 
1. Gather your supplies. I used coffee filters, different size embroidery hoops that would fit the coffee filter, and various watercolors. 2. Put the coffee filter into the embroidery hoop just like you would with a piece of fabric. 3. Now for the fun part, use whatever color watercolors you want. Don't be scared to mix and match, blend them together, and just have fun. (I clearly did a mixture of the three) 4. Trim the edges off the coffee filter with scissors. 5. Grab some hooks and your preferred string and hang them to your hearts content. When putting in the hooks you can just screw them right into your desired surface, and if you can't; drill a pilot hole and then screw them in. When I was hanging I just decided on the lengths I wanted as I went, and then trimmed off the extra. 6. That's it- easy peasy! I am planning to change what's going on above the island every so often, but for now I am really happy with this little installation. What are some ways you've brought in color lately (or obsessively used watercolors, because seriously if you haven't used them in a while. DO IT. )

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