Friday, August 30, 2013

A date night in blanket fort

A couple weeks ago Dj and I celebrated eight years together. Maybe as the wedding gets closer I'll do a full love story recap. of how it all started, but anyways I was trying to think of something fun to do. We are both always going going going, and we really needed a nice quiet place for the two of us to just be. Dj isn't to fond of constantly going out to eat (because we have hardly any sweet little restaurants that have really good food) So I was thinking and thinking and bam- blanket fort. When I was growing up my house almost always had one. My mom would let me grab anything and everything I needed to construct these massive forts. I loved making tunnels and secret passages and different levels, but for this one I had to simplify (mainly because there was not enough blankets and sheets, which my inner child was not happy about) It was really simple and there really is no rhyme or reason, you just build. Grab every sheet, blanket, pillow, clothes pin, thumbtack, and heavy book stack and attach to anything you can: ceiling, wall, nearby shelf, ... dress form (can you tell those are the things I used) but really it can be anything, couch, chairs, table, etc. It's such a simple and sweet gesture that will make anyone from five to a hundred happy to crawl into and lounge around in. 
 We had such a fun night eating pizza and ice cream, dreaming about the future, and just getting to stop and spend some quality time together. He was so excited about the fort and I was just as excited he liked it. It's still up because it's to fun to take down, but eventually we will have too. I want a permanent  little corner lounge area to take it's place when we do deconstruct it, but I'm still dreaming up ideas. Have you built any adventure forts lately? I would love to see them! Or any permanent lounge ideas!

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