Tuesday, July 16, 2013

St.Augustine take two: Our favorite places

1. We had the best time riding through the streets and marveling and gawking at the amazing historic homes that line the streets. They are so full of character. I fantasized about pulling into one, leaving my bike in the driveway, and climbing the stairs to swing in my very own sweet porch swing waiting for me as I gazed over my garden and little picket fence into the cobblestone street. sigh.
2. Catch 27 I honestly don't know if I could recommend this place enough. Seriously. Let me give you a hint: we ate there every. single. day. But on the real, this place was so incredibly yummy. There food is so fresh, the flavors are unique and will make your tummy thank you. (and beg you to come back the next day and the next and the next... no? just us?) Also, the staff is so down to earth and super friendly. They definitely joked with us about being there three days in a row, and we even got a, "Hey, you're here more then me!" from who I believe is the owner? who is also very nice and humble. If your there, GO- now. Also, if there was a Catch 27 here, I would like south florida a whole lot better, just sayin'.
3. Bon Ami Okay, so I've obviously seen macarons all over, well, everywhere- oh wait, except anywhere near me. So we soaked it up when we were in St. Augustine. They have such fun flavors. Our favorites were birthday cake and honey lavender. The girls there are super sweet, and are quick to chat with you like you're an old friend. There shop is so adorable and has an amazing vintage cash register right by where you check out. The care and time put into making these scrumptious treats is remarkable, I had no idea! We can't wait to go back and try all the interesting and delectable flavors! 
4. Declaration Boutique Seriously walking into this place will make your heart explode. It is the most charming little boutique I have ever been into. I could just set up a little tent and camp out in there forever. They have really cute handmade gifts, fun stationary, and a fun little candy spot. The displays and set up are inspiring and fun. I love to wander around there every single time we go. 
5. The cross. This place is such a magical little spot. The huge cross is miraculous. Standing 208 ft. tall it is a wonder to see. We love making the trek up to it, and then walking through the old graveyard right next to it after. The little Chapel (pictured in this post) is so lovely. Definitely a sight to see while there.
6. Schmagels Bagels We hold this little bagel shop close to our hearts. It was one of our first finds when we started visiting St. Augustine. Everything here is amazing. Breakfast, lunch, and the employees. We love everything about this place. We ate on the porch this last time and watched two cardinals play tag. This is our go to breakfast place, and it's usually the first stop on our long and full days of adventuring.
7. St. Augustine Paper Co. The window displays and decor around this little shop makes my heart melt.  I love walking through and marveling at all the fun paper goods and quirky miscellaneous things. We bought a cardboard deer head this last time we visited and can't wait to go back and find a new treasure.
8. The Hyppo. If you want the best pops ever, this is where you will find them. They are amazingly fresh and the flavors are so unique and bold. They are not like a normal ice pop from the freezer section, they are soft and, well, wonderful. Strawberry basil is my fav. but this past trip I tried sangria plum, and it's a close call. Their staff is so friendly and let me grab some pictures for the blog. They love to suggest flavors and tell you their top picks, and they are always right - so trust them. P.S. this is where we went straight after we got engaged, because duh. 

(Definitely not in any particular order because we are absolutely in love with every place and visited them each multiple times, not only in our short two and a half days, but every single time we are there!) 

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