Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Repurposed Jeans: American Flag

So, I made dj this flag for his birthday (last thursday) and I had to do it secretly in one day. It was really fun, and obviously is not perfect, but I really dig it. I wanted it to look kind of ragged and worn and I didn't want any of the stripes to be perfect. All I did was cut strips out of two pairs of jeans, cut out the back pocket, and cut stars and the USA (which I traced from a cookie cutter) from the inside of the front pockets, and sewed em' together. For added fun, I used the waistband of one of the pairs of jeans and just sewed it along the edges to look like the "binding" of a real flag. Dj was so excited when he saw this, it made my heart smile. I love making him a handmade gift to go along with almost every occasion because it really adds a personal touch and a little more love to the gift, ya know?  What are some special things you've made for someone? ps. This could technically be part of my 24 by 24, right?

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