Monday, July 8, 2013

St. Augustine, FL.

Over the holiday weekend we took a mini roadtrip vacation to St. Augustine. If you've never been and you are in Florida, it's definitely a place to check out. It is so quaint and cute. There are so many sweet shops, restaurants, and little side streets. We could stay there forever. Maybe I am so in love because it doesn't even feel like your in Florida? Yeah, that's it. I love Florida and all, but I could definitely use a change of scenery.  Anyway, St. Augustine - go. I took a ton of pictures over a two and a half day period. I wanted to absorb as much as I could in so little time, so I could have my cute town fix before I start complaining about why we can't move somewhere like portland or savannah or anywherebuthere. 
We brought our bikes with us, and I am so stinkin' glad we did. We've been to St. Augustine numerous times, but never on bikes. Who knew bikes could make such a difference? If your going to be adventuring in a small town or anywhere really, bring bikes. It will change your life. (dramatic much? nahh) We rode them up and down every cobblestone street filled with cute old houses, every one way side street with charming overgrown rickety garden doors, and to every lovely little shop/restaurant we could find. Oh. and did I mention it was raining half the time? Yeah, welcome to Florida.
We spent our days riding around and visiting some of our favorite spots (more on those later). All the architecture and history there is amazing. There are guided tours of virtually anything in the town, but we guided ourselves. Except for when I was stopped on my bike in the middle of a prime tourist spot and the trolly came by. Basically, I had to move, I'm to short for any full grown adult bike, I was still in the way because I couldn't move in time, and the tour guide expressed how "beautiful" I was, so since I'm still in the way they should also take pictures of me, to which everyone on the trolly expressed a simultaneous "aww" and told me to "smile for the camera" Moral of the story, it was so embarrassing.

We had an awesome trip and are already counting the days to go back (fingers crossed it's for Mumford and sons Gentlemen of The Road tour, we're contemplating on going even if we don't get tickets just for the sake of being in the same town as them, also nobody cool ever comes to Florida [/end Florida rant] )

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