Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diy letter: stripes + polka dots

Our home is coming together lately, and I am really enjoying all the handmade touches that we have made. It is important to have a little bit of your creativity alive in your home. So today I added a little color and pattern to a J that's been patiently awaiting the chance to be brought to life. 
1. You will need a large paper mache letter (I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics) 2. Tape off how wide you want your stripes to be, I approximated, but you could measure. I used some washi tape, but you could use painters tape just as well. 3. Paint in the taped off area with your paint color and wait a couple of minutes, do a second thick coat, and wait about ten minutes more for it to dry. Slowly peel off the tape. 4. I added some polka dots (because I am obsessed) to the stripes using gold paint and the top plastic round part of a thumb tack (or any small circular item will do) Then wah-la it's ready to be displayed! Have you DIY'ed any letters lately?

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