Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Another productive thrifty trip out! I wasn't really looking for anything in particular and I've been trying to limit what I buy to things that I somewhat need for decor purposes, functionality, or something that is kinda rare and at an fair price! So I was glad to find the yellow Tupperware brand bowl + lid. It's pretty rare to find this specific brand for us because so many people keep them forever (because they're awesome). The Tupperware spice containers were a fun find as well, I hadn't seen them before. Tupperware just makes so many really neat and random things that are practical and in the most dreamy colors. PLUS they were made in the USA- bonus! Another thing I love are vintage books - obviously - The color palettes, images, patterns, etc. make me snatch every one I can up! I couldn't resist showing a sneak peak of a page from each book. 
Have you found any good vintage finds lately?

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