Thursday, March 21, 2013


Yesterday I painted; just for fun, but I really enjoyed it. I chose some colors I've really been in to and then just kind of went with whatever I was feeling. I was quite proud of my sweet little flowers. I want to do this more and more and experiment with adding typography. So basically, look forward to seeing more paintings and what not in the future (possibly an etsy shop full? we'll see) Oh, and my messy palette full of paint? I am swooning over the blend of colors and natural way it turned into its own masterpiece.
 I love detail photos, so I had to take a picture of my paints and brushes. It's funny how great a picture of paintbrushes can turn out. The flowers below were my favorite painted piece of the day. The gold and mustard paired with the grey and muted grey blue - l o v e. I really dig how organic they look, they're not perfect by any means and that's really my style.
 Have you painted anything lately that has really inspired you?

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