Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY: Polka dot wall art

As we are putting together our little home I have been in search of fun wall art to fill some empty spaces. I am basically obsessed with polka dot anything since, well, forever- so this was the perfect opportunity to use them as a happy addition to our sad walls. I've been on the hunt, and have scoured etsy for talented art; but today I decided on just DIY-ing my own!
 For this little project I used: a piece of matte board / an old frame / random paints / and a dabber. To get the perfect size piece of matte board, I just traced the inside of my frame to see how big I needed it to be. After that I used my little rounded dabber I found at Michael's Craft Store to make my polka dots. The polka dots don't come out perfect, but that's what makes it unique! Sometimes I had to smooth out the circle because of the little bubbles that form from pushing down the dabber. I wanted to just have pops of color so I did all the grey and black first, and then added in the brighter colors. I'm really happy with the way this turned out! What are some fun wall art ideas you've come up with?

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