Monday, February 18, 2013

What I'm Diggin'

Lately I've been all about the USA (mostly because my fiance is OBSESSED) but it's actually growing on me. I mean it's a great country with so much history and talent, how could you not love all this fun pride. We are even incorporating a lot of USA memorabilia into our home! So basically I've been loving all things with heritage, vintage, the american flag, some state love, etc.

1.FLAG TEE: This sweet U.S. Flag tee is brought to you by Hello Apparel. I love that it is in black and white and could be a fun tee to wear around on saturday errands, or out with a blazer. 2. STATES UNITED: I am in love with this letterpress state art by BeauChamping on etsy (so much so that I already bought it!) It is such a fun representation of the states, and i really love that they are listed at the bottom. 3. VINTAGE MAPS: Vintage maps make my heart melt; period. I love thrifting for them and when I find one I do a little happy dance. This one from 1961 is pretty neat, I found it on etsy courtesy of Haven Vintage. They have a lot of neat stuff! 4.STATE DECAL: How fun is this! Homland Tees makes these awesome car decals in every state. Gotta' represent FL over here  ;) They also make shirts!

What have your favorite USA things been lately? share them in the comments, I would love to find some new goodies!

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