Thursday, February 21, 2013

Around the House: Mini tour

As we slowly get things rolling with decorating our little home, I will be posting mini tours of each room until I can get the full home tour together. So today is the mini tour of our craft room.
I love jars, as you can see, so I use those as my primary storage solutions in here. I found those giant Anchor Hocking jars at target; I'm obsessed (no really, I cleared all the targets in my county- sorryI'mnotsorry) They are really great to store things in. I used mine for my button collection, scrap fabric, hankies, lace, yarn, etc. Almost everything in this room was thrifted or DIY, so as I continue to finish up decorating in here it would only be right to continue that trend and give me more reasons to thrift/garage sale. It is a great space for all of our crafting needs and I can't wait to finish filling it with fun things! What are some must haves in your storage/craft rooms?

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