Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 Why I like feet pictures, who knows, but they're fun! My shoes: UO | Dress: Thrifted // Dj's shoes: Thrifted

Our New Years was a little unconventional. We've been working on a lot of DIY and fixer-up projects for our new house, trying to get everything in order so we can start organizing and putting things in their places. So as we were busy working away, we got a call from our very best friends asking us out to dinner. Seems normal enough right? Oh no, that would be too boring- there is never really a normal with us [we love it]. The catch was we were all going to dress up in formal attire. And not just simple button up and tie, they were going (as Dj and Chris called it) "full gorilla".

We had so much fun taking funny pictures and looking all snazzy. Where were we going you ask? Nowhere other then: Buffalo Wild Wings. (one just opened by us and we've been meaning to try it, why not on new years eve?!)

-a guy in the parking lot said we did not need to dress like this to go into Buffalo Wild Wings.
-we went there looking like this.
-people looked at us like we were crazy.  
-everyone stared at us as we were seated.
-it was silly. 
-we laughed. 
-we had fun

Dj eating his Moose Tracks ice cream with almonds + dressed up like it's his wedding day. (not yet, but coming this year! eeee!!)

And then we went to get ice cream at one of our favorite places, Brendy's. Which we also received some funny looks at. But, it was worth it and that's all that matters! We finished the night up at our friends house and then headed home since I've been feeling under the weather (ugh). 

That's it in a nutshell, but definitely would encourage everyone to get dressed up all fancy and go somewhere not so fancy. It's so funny and something you will remember!

Hope everyone had a great new year!

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