Sunday, December 30, 2012

FYI via Instagram

When we are super busy and are just snapping pictures on the go, it's usually via Instagram. FYI via Instagram is just going to be a little sneak into our everyday lives, pictures of what's going on when we are just hanging around [ or if I'm just to lazy to lug around my camera ;) ] Hopefully you enjoy these little sneaks as much as I do!

While we were "supposed" to be moving things out of my old room, we snapped this goofy picture on accident. The pure luck of hitting the camera button more then once!

Yet another fine example of our procrastination skills while packing things up. These will hopefully make a second appearance at our wedding.

These lovelies sit so sweetly on our windowsill in the kitchen, I am in love with them. 

This will be some of our wall art when I decide on where to put them! More of that to come later, but I did find this idea Via Pinterest

And this yummy treat we made for a dessert after a home cooked meal at our very best friends house! We like to bring treats when we go over, we have to thank her somehow for her amazing cooking!

I have LOTS of plans for this blog this year, stay tuned and follow along!
 It's going to be fun, trust me.

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