Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Photo Challenge

SO, I have been really inspired by A Beautiful Mess because well, they're freaking AWESOME! (!!!!!)  so when Elsie gave out the challenge of participating in the 365 photo challenge, I was game. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now and 2013 is just the time to do it! Elsie decided to do her photo a day of her home. While we just moved in and would have plenty of home photos, I just don't know that I could commit to getting that all done for a photo a day. So I just chose to simply take a photo a day of things that make me happy. I think I will really enjoy looking back and just seeing random photos, well because I am pretty random and little randoms make me smile. So I am committed going to try really really hard to post a photo a day. Now, they may not be the BEST, they might come from my iphone or just be of something totally boring, but it will be something that makes me smile, and dangit' thats what counts! (right?) But on the real, I hope some of them make you smile too! so without further ado


Copper. He is the cutest Beagle I have ever seen, and he's mine. He has such a personality and he has since he was a puppy. He howls like a wild maniac whenever we get home, and is always so happy to see us. He loves us no matter what, and for that I am grateful. He makes me smile.

YOU should totally join in on the 365 challenge! It will be well worth it to look back and see your whole year of whatever you choose to do in review. It's also a great way to push yourself, stay committed to something, and keep motivated!

What are some things you chose for your 365 challenge?

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