Thursday, January 3, 2013

Giving back.

I like to be apart of something, something bigger then myself and my surroundings. I like to make someone else happy, I like to do for other people, I like to give back. It's just something in me, in my faith, in my life, that's important. SO, listening to WAY FM on the radio (which I enjoy listening to because I am mostly tuned into Pandora) the other day, I heard on the morning show aka The Wally Show (which ismyfavorite) that they were taking a trip to Indonesia to visit a child they sponsor. They asked for people to make bracelets to pass out to the other children that they would come across when going into the village. So I thought hmm, something I can do, something that's fun, something to make someone happy even if just for a second, something I wanted to be a part of. So that's what I have been up too- making Vani Beads, and I plan to send them out tomorrow to assure they get there by Wally and crew's departure date (January 7th). I unfortunately heard pretty late in the game about this (monday) but, I am still committed to make some- even if it's only a few. They are always offering ways to give back, check them out.

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