Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Things have been crazy,


  • Finished our fall semesters (one more to go!)
  • Did our Christmas shopping in a jiffy
  • moved
  • moved
  • moved
  • did I say moved?
  • Shopped
  • Family time.

Things are just blurring together, I'm trying to catch a glimpse before it's gone! Here are some pictures I've been snapping from our new house & Christmas! (We are not even close to half moved in sooo not too many home pictures but lots to come. Oh, and a TON of DIY's! eeee!)

That's us in our NEW PLACE! \\ Our fun lockers we just moved in, lots of ideas for these \\ Our sheets and pillow cases, both of which I am in love with from Target (which is amazing) \\ The bow and owl were some of our many DIY ornaments for our first tree. We geeked out, it was awesome. \\  Some greenery for the kitchen. I  am  in  love.

Just an update, will be back with more later :] EXCITED

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