Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines lovebug diy + free printable.

I love valentines day. Not just because it involves chocolate (but hello, it's definitely a plus) but because it's a day to celebrate love. Not that any day can't be a day to celebrate love, but let's be real- ain't nobody got time for that- kidddding. Okay, okay, but I really believe it is important to celebrate love + we should totally do it more often. So these cute bugs are for valentines day or just celebrating love on any random day- andddd bonus! they are super easy to make! You might even have the supplies in your house right. this. second. Bam. You're welcome. ["You've been bit... by the love bug!" printable in supplies list]

Supplies: Candy (I used mint M&M's, milk chocolate M&M's, lemon heads, and skittles) | Target up&up portion control plastic baggies | Embroidery floss | Scrapbook paper | Black craft foam sheet | Scissors | Hot glue gun| Black sharpie | washi tape | YOU'VE BEEN BIT PRINTABLE 

First things first, put your candy in your snack bags. The portion control bags are super easy because they are resealable and easy for little hands (or your husband because you know twist-y ties and husbands) but you could really use any plastic like bag. I wanted my bee and ladybug to be a little shorter so I stitched across with some embroidery floss (not a necessary step, just based on preference) and then cut off the excess under my stitching (don't cut first and then stitch because it will be a lot harder). I added lines to my bags with a sharpie just for a little extra detail. 

Next I cut out the shapes of my bugs. These three bugs went great for this. I also planned to make a butterfly (hence the skittles) but I didn't really dig it, so I scrapped it. These three cuties made the cut- literally. I cut out the wings, heads, antennas, etc. based on the bag + bug size. You could really do it any way, but this is what worked for me. I just free hand cut the shapes because that's just how I work. I like when it looks more organic and handmade, not perfect and cookie cutter. I mean, there's a time and place for cookie cutter, but I usually like to wing it (craft rebel). When I was gluing them to the bag I used just a dab of hot glue so I didn't melt the plastic. The only thing I didn't glue on were the heads, I used washi tape to stick the heads to the bag so it would make it easier to open. 

I made the [You've been bit printable] for some extra fun. I printed the PDF out and cut them based on the size of my bug's head size. Then glue them on! I added some polkadots with my sharpie.

This was such a fun little diy that can be given to anyone and it's super easy and quick. Celebrate love + give someone a lovebug to make them smile! Happy love day!

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