Friday, February 6, 2015

One little word (DO): What I'm going to DO in 2015

Resolutions are good. I've never really made goals for the year, before 2015. I knew it was a thing people did (the majority only for the first few months), but I was never into it because I never felt passionate enough to set goals in stone. But this year, oh this year, I feel motivated. In my last post about the word DO I gave a little more of an in depth reasoning for choosing the word DO and why I am so passionate about getting things done this yearI want this year to change my life. I want this year to really count

Above is a photo of my (short) list of things I am going to do. This is a base list, but there is a high possibility things will be added.One of the major things, that has many related counterparts, is taking charge of my health. It's something I was always good at, but as the years passed and I got older, left home + lived on my own, had horrible beasts like anxiety creep into my life (which I've learned to conquer: insert muscle emoji here.); things got a little off track. BUT this is the year. No more excuses. I'm taking it slow, but I'm making progress. First thing I did this year was buy a Fitbit Charge HR (more on this later because it seriously deserves it's own post. Spoiler alert: I love it!) and it's just what I needed. Pair it with My Fitness Pal (more on this too) and bam! You're in business. Things like grocery shopping weekly, meal prepping, being active daily, eating out less, etc. etc. go along with this goal. 

I've already started purging + organizing. It's not like I have a ton of stuff, our house is tiny, but I just want less. Like less of  e v e r y t h i n g. This is happening- like, happening already. I've already started and I feel so energized to really get rid of so much this year. This is like a mini version of a capsule wardrobe, except I'm doing it with everything I own. It's really freeing.

Mastering my camera has been on my list for far to long. And I am so ready to do it. Maybe start a photography business, who knows. I'm working towards dreams this year. Speaking of working towards dreams, I really am going to be (read:try, make it happen, hopefully) more active in this space. Life is crazy, but I am going to carve out some time. And share a lot more photography, which I'm excited about. 

I am continuously using the phrase am going to do because like I said, there is no other option this year. I'm not going to "plan" to do it or "want" to do it, I am just going to do it. I know, I'm being very persistent about this whole "live this year by this word" but it is seriously the perfect word to express how I want to start/live/finish off this year. I am going to just DO.

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