Thursday, June 5, 2014

National donut day: DIY donuts

So, unless you live under a rock, (aka if you're not on instagram) you probably know it's national donut day/week/needanexcusetocelebratedonuts/etc. Here in South Florida, there's no cute delicious homemade donut shop where all the cool kids go (and if there is please tell. me. now. ) so I don't get to celebrate it the traditional way -- as in I would have to go to Dunkin' Donuts and we all know that's no where near the same. So I'll just be over here making cute stuffed donuts and wishing they were real. But really, the main reason for making these is because one of our best friends sweet little girl is turning six and obviously these are needed for any proper tea party. I mean, duh. I have to admit, I'm not quite qualified to give anyone step-by-step sewing instructions. I basically just wing it. I'm just learning (as you can tell if you actually look at these donuts, yikes!), but these are pretty simple. If I can do it, the odds are definitely in your favor. Nonetheless, below is (seriously) basic instructions of what I did. FYI: it's in really simple terms because I know when I need to follow a sewing tutorial, I need you to treat me like I'm five and it's my first encounter with glue and scissors. True story.

1. Put two squares of fabric on top of each other 2. cut out circle (donut)  3. cut a little hole in the middle (for the hole)  4. sew around inside hole and trim off excess 5. sew around outer edge of your donut, but leave a little 1-2 inch opening to shove in your stuffing 6. shove in your stuffing 7. sew up hole and backstitch 8. trim excess around outside of donut and be careful not to cut your stitching 9. draw on sprinkles with puff paint if desired 10. put in a pastry box and brighten someones day! (I made my box by folding paper, not anything fancy, and then I cut out the middle with an exacto knife. Easy peasy)

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