Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make: Art with flowers

 So, MAKE is going to be a new tuesday ritual over here. I'm going to be either showing something I made or sharing what someone else has made, whether it be a craft, recipe, etc. I'm pretty excited to start up on a weekly schedule to keep everything over here consistent. I had plans to start yesterday, but you know. Life. So, on with today. I love fresh flowers in the house, I mean, duh. But they only last so long. I always feel terrible just tossing them, so right before they were about to hit the trash, I had an idea. Why not give them one more bit of life before they are wilted and gone forever. So I did just that. I thought of some fun animals I could abstractly watercolor and added in some flower petals for different parts of the animals. There are so many options I had trouble showcasing just two. How fun!

I chose to do a rabbit and a peacock. Like I said the options are endless, I even made some butterflies and a lion head. This would be a great craft for little ones or just to have your beautiful flowers go out with a bang! If you still have yours floating around, try it out and share! 

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