Thursday, September 19, 2013

St. Augustine: Gentlemen of the Road stopover

So clearly, we are in love with St. Augustine. I mean you can see our obsession HERE & HERE. If you've ever been, it should come at no surprise. But, it is also special to us because it was our first real vacation together and where we got engaged. When we heard that Mumford and Sons was coming for their Gentlemen of the Road Tour to "OUR" town, we knew we had to be there. [and because we are in love with Mumford- like, they are our jam] So there we were this past weekend and it was such an amazing experience. The energy and support of the town was magical. Being in such close quarters to so many people who have the same vibe and love of Mumford (and all of the other amazing bands), small towns, and giving back to the local community, was just so stinkin' awesome!  The town was covered in mustaches, gentlemen of the road flags, local shop window displays supporting the stopover, and special perks everywhere you went. It was really heart-warming to see the whole town really come together like that; and obviously validated our un-dying love and affection for it that much more (as if it even needed to). The concerts were so good, the local bands were so good, everything was just so. good. 

We really had an amazing time with amazing company! We made new friends and I am so thankful we did. It was a weekend we will never forget in the place we hold so dear to our hearts. Thank you St. Augustine and Mumford for fully delivering and giving us another insanely good weekend to forever treasure. As usual we visited our favorite spots Hello B (window pictured with quote and frame), Declaration BoutiqueThe HyppoCatch 27Schmagels BagelsBon AmiSt. Augustine Paper Co.Philosophie Salon (window pictured in first photo), Silhouettes by Jeanine (seriously she is amazing! find her on St. George street by the colonial Quarter) these are just our favorites, we still have lots to explore!

Check out my instagram for more pictures of our weeked! wildflowersandfreedom

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