Friday, June 14, 2013

24 by 24: Mini Dreamcatcher DIY.

I'm still chuggin' along on my 24 by 24 (slow and steady wins the race, right?) and this one I whipped up for Dj's sister. She wanted a mini dreamcatcher to hang from the rearview mirror in her car. This was a quick spur of the moment idea, and turned out pretty sweet. I want to try a full scale one soon! 
1. I grabbed the thickest wire I had on hand to make sure it held it's shape (you could use any small round object or thicker wire) and doubled it up to make it a bit more sturdy. Then I wrapped the wire around one of the sides to bundle it together. 2. Cut the wire with little snips or a heavy duty scissor. 3. Choose whatever you would like to wrap around the circle to hide the wire. I used some thin lace and just twirled it around until the wire was not showing through. Be sure to keep a tight wrap going or you'll have some loose spots. 4. I just made a little loop and tied a knot with the extra lace I was wrapping with to make the hanging part, but you could always tie another piece of string, elastic, etc. Then I tied the bottom part of it in a knot so it wasn't such a big loop. 5. I had a vintage doily on hand, so I cut it free from the others. Be careful not to cut off any pieces from the one you're using. 6. Using a embroidery needle, I weaved thin yarn (you could use string) through the little holes around my doily piece. I just weaved it in, wrapped it around, and continued until I weaved it through all the holes. 7. I decided to weave the needle and yarn around the edges so it added a little more detail. I just weaved it in and out of the little triangle pattern I made in step 6. 8. Grab the extra pieces of yarn and lace and cut them into different lengths. Then knot them to the bottom of your dreamcatcher. I added some metal circle charms I had on hand to the bottom of all the pink ones. You could add different charms, feathers, beads, etc. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your patterns and just go with the flow, dream catchers aren't made to be perfect. They are supposed to be unique and fun! Post links to your dreamcatchers, I would love to see what ideas you came up with!

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