Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Bracelet Re-Vamp

You may remember this beauty from my last post. When I spotted this sad wooden bracelet all by it's lonesome at a garage sale, I envisioned re-vamping it and bringing it back to life. A little gold paint will always do the trick, and let me tell you gold paint is really making me happy lately (I'm sure you're digging it too- how could you not?!) Now, obviously you are not going to have the same bracelet ( but if you do- twinsies!) so look at your existing jewelry box/cup/bowl/etc. and see which piece could use a little more oomph! And don't fear, if you don't have anything like it, be on the look out while you're out and about- you'll eventually stumble across your own sad lonesome gem that is just waiting to be paraded around town with some gold paint on it.
This re-vamp was as simple as sectioning off what I wanted gold with some washi tape (because it will peel off super easy, and it's so fun-duh) painting a few coats on it, letting it dry, and then: ta-da! I get to parade my re-vamped wood + gold bracelet all around town (read: to work) and know it was easy peasy to turn an old drab bracelet into something fun! Have you re-vamped any finds lately?

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