Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Around the house: Living Room

We have made quite a bit of progress on our living room. I have to say, I'm really loving how it's coming along. I love how each piece we have in here is unique, and comes with a story. Basically everything in our house is either DIY'ed or a vintage find, and I really love the diversity it brings into the space, also, vintage is just better. I am so thankful to have my own loving handyman to help create whatever I dream up (he's pretty stinkin' awesome). No matter how big or small, he's always up for the challenge, and trust me- sometimes there are challenges. But we persevere and put together some kick butt  spaces ;)
We definitely wanted a statement piece when you walked in the door, so our frame wall was the perfect fix. It was a little scary for me to commit to such a big installment because I like to change things up from time to time, but I couldn't be happier - and if I wanted to I could still swap things in and out. We keep a box of records under our old school desk coffee table, and a record player on top. Dj has a bit of a collection, and they're fun to listen too for a change from our normal pandora stations. Our patterned couch was quite a goodwill find, and only set us back $19, which was awesome. [Side note: If I ever get a chance I would absolutely love to re-upholster our couch, the pattern isn't horrible, but it's definitely not my favorite] There's also a giant old mailbox in the corner under the light that's kind of acting as a mini side table until we find something to repurpose it as. The light needs some DIY re-vamping, but I haven't decided just what it needs yet, soon. Very soon.
There is a lot going on in our space. We love to mix and match, and didn't want a specific color palette or style to work off of. Patterns are another thing a little all over the place here, but patterns are fun to mix and match, so don't be afraid, it makes a fun statement. [ P.S. our metal drawers by the front door, I literally had to keep the squeal tucked deep down inside when I spotted it at a garage sale, you do not find amazing things like that in FL. FYI the vintage scene here is horrible, like no joke. ]
I absolutely love our pallet couch.  Dj really made the image in my head come to life on this one. We found the perfect pallet that was the exact width and length we needed and used a crib mattress as the cushion. The storage bins are from ikea, and are great for extra space to keep things tucked away, and the wire bin was picked up at a garage sale and houses vintage throw quilts for snuggling on the couch. Oh, and the vintage map behind the couch was a jumping up and down thrifting moment.  It  brings in such great vivid color to our space, it makes me happy.
We still have quite a bit of nesting to do , and we obviously need to work on our art collection, because those empty frames are not cutting it. So we are still on the hunt to collect things that will make our space whole- complete us. We're going to slowly make our way around tours of our whole (little) house, so bare with us! What are some statement pieces you are proud of in your space?

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