Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY: Wood plank letters

These letters are so fun. With all the wood planking going on in diy design, I thought 
these wood planked letters would be perfect, and they don't require any power tools! 
1. Supplies: I used these paper mache letters from Joann Fabrics / random pieces of thin pressed wood [can be found at Joann's or Michael's] / a hot glue gun. 2. I started to measure on my wood how big I wanted my wood strips to be, but then I decided that I wanted a more rugged unique look, so if you want them to be perfect- measure each one. Then I cut them with scissors to the width and size I needed them. Again mine are not perfect because of the look I was going for, but by measuring and drawing guided lines with a ruler, you can make yours straight and perfect. 3. Place each wood plank on your letter before gluing them down to be sure of any changes you want to make. 4: Glue em' down!

Our letters are going to go on our frame wall (pictures of that soon!)

Have you embellished any Paper Mache letters lately?

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