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Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Valentines: Snack jars and a love note

I'm a fan of giving a basket full of fun things for virtually every holiday. I love to stick in random tid-bits and create a basket o' fun. So for valentines day I planned on putting these cuties in everyones basket. [They would even be great to stuff in your little ones lunch boxes for a fun surprise love note on a regular day] They are so simple to make (and totally corny) that it's a win win for everyone ;) 

cashews | raisins | lemon heads | tootsie rolls | life cereal | mini ball canning jars | scrap papers

Fill the jars with your goodies

Place the top on whatever paper you chose to use. I used just some scrap card stock I had laying around. Then cut around it to make the circle template that you will write on to go on top of your jar.

I thought of these fun sayings on top of my jars to coincide with what I placed in them. Did you come up with any other fun sayings to go along what you put in your jars? Keep checking back, I'll have a few more valentines DIY's coming up


  1. Can't wait to check back and see what additional sayings and contents you come up with.
    I'm thinking of making for the gals in the office.

  2. These are adorable! I thought they were an oatmeal kit when I first saw the picture, but I think I will make it as one anyways. Thanks for the cute idea!