Monday, February 11, 2013

A Tea-riffic Valentines

I have quite a few tea drinkers in my life (including myself) and I thought this was a cute and simple valentines to give out to just about anyone, and this can be used not just for valentines but for any occasion really!
1. Fold your coffee filter in half and then in half again, make sure to cut on the side with a the fold because you are making a mirror image. 2. Stack hearts on top of each other and start to sew from the bottom tip of the heart. 3. Leave a little space at the end to fill with your loose tea, and then continue to sew it up. 4. Thread your yarn/string through your button and tie a knot in the back, then cut the excess. 5. Sew your string onto the flip side of your heart bag by just sewing over it to keep it in place, tie a knot at the end of your yarn so it doesn't slip out. 6. Draw a little tea cup and cut. 7. Secure the yarn to the back of your paper tea cup by using a little piece of fun washi tape, then drape your teabag over the side. 8. Write a sweet note and you're done! Hope you find someone special to give this to xo.
Loose tea used:Teavana White Tea

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