Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hi all! I'm Jessica and welcome to wild flowers and freedom. The title I think fits me perfectly; I go to the beat of my own drum and am forever growing every which way; wild and free. My blog is going to be filled with fun pictures, thrifty and vintage finds, diy projects, a little bit of my lovely products from my etsy shop Made with log and journey's through my craft shows, among other fun everyday life events and travels. I hope you enjoy and follow me along the way!

Here is a little about me:

I live in south Florida, but I would move up north in a second.
(even though I'm a native floridian, the northern states have my heart.)
This is my other half Dj; we've been together for seven years. 
(I know we look young, we're in our twenties. High school sweethearts)

We have the cutest beagle; Copper. He will pop up quite a bit :]

I love and live all things vintage, handmade, recycled, repurposed. You'll see A LOT of this around here.

I love to create, check out my etsy shop Made with log

I could go on posting fun pictures all day, but now I want to 
learn a little about all of my lovely readers! 
What are some things YOU enjoy?

I hope you continue to follow me through my adventures!
Until next time

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