Thursday, September 11, 2014

My ode to summer.

Oh summer, you we're so. hot. Lets be real, it's still hot. I live in south florida, it's totally still summer. Humidity is the real culprit here, such a drag. But summer, I don't hate you that much, I just wish you would just chill already (pun intended). We did take a few trips this summer to some of the places I love the most. St. Augustine + Georgia you have a special piece of my heart. My ode to summer:

Summer I will not miss your hot days where you cooked me to the pavement, smothered me with humidity, and tanned my skin in less then thirty minutes. BUT, I will miss your gifts of sunshine hanging out until late in the day, gloomy rainy days, and time spent with the people I love living life and adventuring with.

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